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Danielle, Boston, MA
I have a real estate business, and we desperately needed someone to help us both clean up and make sense of our financials. Patrick C spent an hour on the phone with me, walking me through everything, and he made me feel comfortable about the situation I was in. He just gets it. I signed up the very next day and couldn't be happier
Michelle, Chelmsford, MA
We own a small boutique and we were having trouble setting up our QuickBooks account. Patrick and Molly were gracious gracious enough to spend over an hour on the phone for free walking us through the process. We ended up calling them back 6 months later and hiring Keystone - zero regrets working with people who know what they are doing
Jaxon, Lowell, MA
Patrick from Keystone is the type of guy you want in your corner. He answers the phone whenever we have questions and he is relentless in finding solutions. If you work in the trades, this guy gets it.
Chris & Dekha, Dedham, MA
We contracted our books and payroll out to Keystone about a year ago and it has been a fantastic experience. Patrick has spent countless hours on the phone with us, answering questions that we didn’t even know we had.
Linda & David, Plymouth, MA
I leave reviews when they are due and a review is definitely due for Keystone (specifically Patrick and Molly). We feel like working with Keystone is like working with your friends because they have truly become our friends over the last 3 years. We talk with Molly weekly, and Patrick always sends us gifts for the holidays and has even attended our holiday parties in the past. Great group of people - you can't go wrong
Lindsey & Matt, Salem, MA
Keystone cleaned up over 2 years of books for us and they have been maintaining them ever since. Cant imagine working with anyone else
Peggy, Derry NH
We just wanted to pay someone to teach us how to use Quickbooks and Sarah was fantastic!
Ian, Waltham, MA, Services
Patrick is a virtuoso with QuickBooks! Highly recommend Keystone if you want your financials managed properly and professionally
Nate, Concord, NH Services
Keystone had been fixing our books for years until we finally decided to let go and hand the books off to them. We now have them manage our books and Payroll, and it's one of the better decisions we've ever made
Mike & Jess, Cambridge, MA
Keystone helped us sell our business. The idea of selling our business was extremely scary, but they made the process really easy! Patrick is a heck of a negotiator, and Molly was so comforting and timely with everything we needed. Once it was over, they even helped connect us with Financial Planners to help us in our personal lives
Genette & Stephanie, Marshfield
Our business was in a tough spot when we found Keystone. We had been through 5 Bookkeepers in 2.5 years and weren't exactly hopeful going into our initial meeting with Patrick and Molly. I won't say they completely changed our minds after the first meeting, but they definitely gave us a little hope. After the first month with them, we realized what we had been missing. It was truly eye-opening. As long as we are in business, we will be with Keystone!
Courtney & Bobby, Boston, MA
We ultimately did not end up working with Keystone Solutions after our first meeting with Sarah. She was so kind and showed serious knowledge, but we just weren't ready. 2 years later, we found ourselves back on their website and decided to make the leap. Now our biggest regret was not committing the first time!
Nicky & Brittany, Boston, MA
Two words: Customer Service. We work with Sarah and Pat and they make the customer experience very enjoyable. We started with Keystone when we ran into some financial issues during the purchase of another business in 2019. They made the experience far less stressful and we continue to work with them today. Sarah checks in every week, and they both still send us cards!
Lawrence C.
Had the opportunity to work with this company on many occasions. The management staff has been great and fair on everything. Always asking if there is anything they can do to make things better. That is one of the things that equates to a great working relationship.
Ashley, Woburn, MA
Keystone was a great addition to our business. We started small, and they were with us every step of the way as we grew. We appreciate how responsive they are. We never wait more than 48 hours for a response
Kevin, Medford MA
Patrick at Keystone is the real deal. He helped us create a referral program, formulate a marketing strategy, price shop insurance, and clean up our books. If you're looking to grow your business, definitely try Keystone
Amanda, Beverly, MA
Sarah is a saint! She was so patient with me when I first started. I couldn't find anything we needed to get started! She walked me through the process and got me up and running. And she is still patient during our periodic check-ins, as I continue to be under prepared
David, Manchester, NH
Quick and Easy setup. I really like the attention to detail in everything they do and the cost is surprisingly fair. Definitely check Keystone out
Danielle & Adam, Burlington, MA
When I first contacted Keystone, I had just founded a rapidly growing small business in New Hampshire. I was wearing so many different hats, and the list of tasks was growing. Contracting Keystone was one of the most impactful things I have done! Having experts managing my books, not only took a massive task off my plate, but it gave me really important insights into my business that I doubt I would’ve otherwise had. We work directly with Patrick Cote and he is fantastic. From the first call with him, we knew he was going to be impactful - We highly recommend Keystone!
Christopher, Cambridge, MA
When my Father fell ill,  I didn’t have time for the books and I certainly didn't know how to run a business. Our accountant recommended Keystone Solutions. I may have divulged more personal info than I should have during my consultation with Pat. He waived my startup fee and donated to a charity related to my father's illness. He's just a really great person and our books are immaculate.
Laura & Michelle, Boston, MA
We recently made the switch to Keystone after downsizing our in-house admin team in 2022. We work with Pat C. and were impressed with the results. He’s very knowledgeable, always provides us with practical advice, and has this educative style that makes it much easier for us to understand our reports. The biggest thing for us is that he has remained engaged throughout the whole process, always takes the time to talk when we need it, and he sends us a card for our business's birthday!
Matthew, Boston, MA
They let me customize the services I wanted A-La-Carte, so I only paid for what I needed. They also waived my Initiation fee and gave me a discount due to Covid. I get clean and accurate reports at the end of every month. I have a whole new perspective on my company's financials. 10/10!
Jack & Kevin, Concord, MA
We work with both Sarah and Patrick at Keystone and they are amazing! They're both responsive, super friendly, and really know their stuff. They are proactive and notify me early about things that would otherwise be a hassle. They also have really great discount programs!
Ethan M, Boston, MA
I didn’t really think I needed professional help until I found myself in need of a Business Loan. They needed a whole list of documents that I couldn’t produce because my books were over 10 months behind. I reached out to Patrick at Keystone at the advice of a colleague of mine, and In a little over a week, I had the loan secured. The turnaround time to get my books up to date was nothing short of impressive, and he was also able to help me with the rest of the application process.
Mark & Elizabeth, Concord, MA
Twice a year since 2018, we’ve run a non-profit event for various causes. We’ve always had Keystone (we work with Patrick) do the books and tax prep for it because I know it’ll get done right. He’s donated to the event every year!

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