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Business Owners

Small Business owners with 3-15 employees paid bi-weekly spend an average of 4 hours and 12 minutes per pay period, or 12 business days a year on payroll. If you're in an industry with less conventional, more frequent pay schedules such as Construction, Landscaping, Property Management, or running Income Properties, these expenses can compound and multiply; up to 20 business days per year. We know first hand how valuable your time is as a business owner, and would love to give that time back to you.

Stay Compliant and Save Time

The Federal and State governments have made compensating your employees a tumultuous headache. Federal and State payroll Tax laws frequently change, and with every change grow more arduous. Rather than struggling to keep up, why not work with us and get back to running and improving your business? Our service is available as an individual service, or bundled with any of our other services! Spend less time, money, and energy on payroll, and more time on your core competency: your business!

Payroll Services Available

  • Several pay schedule options
  • Direct deposit, paper check, Echeck options
  • Customized or standardized deductions
  • Withholding calculations

  • Withholding of Federal and State payroll taxes
  • Deposit of Federal and State payroll taxes
  • State and Federal Unemployment
  • Pay as you go Workers Compensation option

  • W2 and W3 reporting
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual reporting
  • Generation of all payroll reports for your review

  • Payroll enrollment in all Federal and State organizations
Flat rate or per pay period cost options

  • Advice and guidance on all payroll

On average, Keystone payroll customers save an estimated 20% - 33% on payroll costs compared to the larger nationwide services like ADP, Paychex, Workday, and Paycom.

Keystone payroll customers also save a significant amount of valuable time by not waiting to get in contact with someone for questions or reports. By working with us, you will enjoy the experience of a stronger bottom line, more free time, and a more appropriate use of your administrative staff.

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